Dave Winer didn’t invent RSS

The self-proclaimed non-inventor of RSS reflects on the past and future of something he pioneered, evangelized, defends, etc.:

“If you want to understand what made RSS happen, it’s the innovation, evangelism and commitment that was behind it, not the invention, because I said before, and as everyone seems to agree, it wasn’t invented. But we lack a good word for the other stuff, so sheez, what’s the big deal if they substitute “invention” for all that? I’ve looked the other way. But to say I was the “self-proclaimed” inventor is just wrong, I just nod my head when others say it, because I’m tired of arguing.”

I think Dave was the “discoverer” of RSS. It’s sort of like Columbus and the new world. Sure, there were Indians there waiting when he arrived and the Vikings beat him by a few centuries — so he didn’t actually discover it — but so what? As I’ve blogged before, what RSS is is not nearly as important as things you can do with RSS. Who invented RSS is not that significant an historic point. What matters (for historians) is who discovered and demonstrated ways in which RSS can be used, who was then followed by millions of others who used his example to build new worlds and new companies and new concepts.

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