To Titans fans: Merril Hoge is not a part of the Vince Young Rookie of the Year story

Some who read this blog will know how I enjoy the antics of certain trolls who know that, by pressing a certain button, they can ignite a firestorm of blog posts. If you listen to sports radio or read fan blogs, you’ll know trolls exist also in the sporting world — and they make Internet trolls look lame by comparison. Right now, the ESPN analyst Merril Hoge has got to be laughing uncontrollably at how he can so easily stir up Titans fans by continuing his season-long dissing of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Vince Young. Why do Titans and VY fans care? Vince won. It’s not like when the Downtown Athletic Club awarded the 2005 Heisman Trophy to Reggie Bush and then Vince Young had the pleasure of humiliating USC on national TV to prove he actually deserved it. This time, the voting is over. The ballots are in. Vince won. It wasn’t even close. Reggie Bush, who Hoge thinks should have won, came in last among those who received votes. Only three of 50 votes went to Bush. Last place. You don’t have to convince Merril Hoge of anything. He doesn’t matter. He’s just being a troll. Okay. I got that off my chest.

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