Some thoughts on Macworld before I read what everyone else says

I’m back in my room briefly before heading out on the exhibit floor to see all the new stuff. Here are some thoughts:

  • The Swiss-Army knife — it’s everything — aspect of the iPhone is going to confuse a lot of the coverage. The cell-phone part is going to be the focus, but this surely ushers in a whole new class of Mac products that may or may not have “cell phone” service necessary.

  • The iPhone is a tablet Mac — just a little small. It’s OS X running on a chunk of plastic with a touch screen interface. Let me make this clear: A bigger profile and and you’ll have a tablet Mac…but it’s already a tablet Mac the size of a Moleskine notepad.

  • What’s with that whole trademark problem?
  • Jobs said the word “patents” — “we’ve got patents” — at the beginning, middle and end of the iPhone presentation. I think that means Apple expects lots of time in the courtroom.
  • TV reporters (non-tech) were working the man-on-the-street angle before the keynote by asking people in line, “Are you here because this could be Steve Jobs’ last keynote address because of the options scandal?” The people in line were dumb-founded by the question. It was obvious that neither the reporters nor those being interviewed have any idea what the options scandal is.

  • The Apple TV is very cool, but I’m confused. Can I play a DVD on my computer and stream it to my big TV?

  • If I want to purchase an iSight camera for my Mac, they’re no longer available at the Apple store or on I mention that because there are a lot of Mac-related announcements that are obviously in the queue that weren’t mentioned today. Unlike the typical “state of the union” address in which Jobs touches on a wide array of software and hardware developments, this keynote was rather focused — so look for lots of peripheral announcements later.

  • Cingular? I’d rather just use it with wifi. (I’m sure I’ll be changing carriers one day, however.)

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