StubHub sold on eBay, wait, StubHub sold TO eBay

Many years ago, I started hearing about an online marketplace called that was “like eBay, except with a fixed price.” Being the experimenting type, I signed on and tried selling a few items and, sure enough, it was great. Next thing I knew, eBay bought it. My username on eBay still has -half in it as I had built up a seller reputation on that site before ever selling anything on eBay. I determined then if eBay sees a consumer-oreinted marketplace succeeding in a space anywhere close to theirs, there’s a good chance they will sweep in if the site becomes popular with their users. A few months ago, the resident futurist* at Hammock Publishing came into my office and asked me if I’d ever used to buy or sell Titans tickets and proceeded to marvel at the wonders of how successful he’d been at selling some tickets for a game he couldn’t attend. “How can eBay let this happen?” I wondered. Apparently, the folks at eBay noticed too as they just purchased StubHub.

*Our resident futurist earned his reputation by his observation that computers will play a bigger part in our lives one day — and they may even get smaller.

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