Shopping at Fry’s with Dave Winer is way more fun than Macworld

Just arrived back in Nashville from Macworld and other business meetings and “hanging-out” things in the Bay area. Yesterday, I had lunch in Berkeley with Dave Winer and then accompanied him on an expedition to Fry’s — which is, for those not tech-obsessed, a massive Toys ‘R Us for geeks. It’s amazing what one can learn by shopping at a Fry’s with Dave Winer — and a lot of fun. (Thanks, Dave.) He also allowed me to play tourist along our drive as we stopped for a few stunning views of the San Francisco Bay from a road that runs on the hilltop above the UC-Berkeley campus.

Later, I spent some time visiting with “former” b-to-b magazine guy Matt McAlister who has always amazed me with (and other) hacks he thinks up and tries out on his blog and other places. He now works at Yahoo! where, among other things, he helps publishers figure out ways to use their services — however I was visiting with him in an unofficial “how’d you do that?” capacity. As with almost everyone I’ve met via their blog, I was able to pick up the conversation with Matt mid-sentence despite never having met him “face-to-face.” (Thanks, Matt.)

I’ll be blogging more later about topics I discussed with Dave (regarding why a $600 Mac mini hooked to your HDTV may cost 2X the price of a $300 AppleTV but has 100X (or 1,000X) the capabilities) and Matt (regarding some things I’ll be experimenting with in the coming days).