Brad Feld’s tips for 24 newbies

Brad has some tips for new watchers of 24, including one that I haven’t heard: that the timeframe for the show is today+8 years. I like his suggestions, but here are some I would add:

1. The timeframe of the show may be today + 8 years, but that doesn’t apply to any car or technology that may be covered by a product placement deal. For example, all cars and cell-phones are very much today. Also, check out all those Apple monitors this season — they’ll look like antiques in 8 years. A couple of years ago, Cisco firewall software (not from the future) showed up on several episodes.

2. I agree with Brad that anyone in the show can die (that was proven Monday night). However, Jack Bauer and Chloe are fairly exempt from that rule — however, Chloe is the lesser exempt of the two.

3. Keeping up with the number of people Jack Bauer kills each episode is a cottage industry (Warning: if you haven’t seen Hour 4 of season 6, that link includes a spoiler).

4. If you really want to add a new dimension of enjoyment to watching 24, follow along as Dave Barry live blogs each episode, including commercials.

5. It’s better, however, if you record each episode (or wait until the season comes out on DVD) and watch the entire season in a 24-hour period. (I haven’t done this myself.)

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