Danny Sullivan’s Q&A With Gabe Rivera

Two people whose insight and algorithms* I admire, search-guru Danny Sullivan and Techmeme creator Gabe Rivera discuss some really wonky stuff that not everyone will find interesting, but those who (like me) are obsessed with the “conversational” aspects of the world live web** (and addicted to Techmeme) will find it quite compelling and worthy of parsing.

Great quote from Danny that Gabe should put on the front page of Techmeme — at least on that list of quotes on the right hand column of his blog:

“Over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of search tools that were supposed to transform my life. Few of them have. But Techmeme was one of those.”

Helpful hint to those who aren’t obsessed with the “tech” corner of the blogosphere: you can try out Gabe’s approach to meme-tracking on three other topics: politics at Memorandum.com; celebrity gossip at WeSmirch.com; and major league baseball at BallBug.com.

*Whenever I ask Gabe Rivera something, the word “algorithm” is always a part of the answer.

**I first heard the term World Live Web from Doc Searls in 2003, and find myself using it more and more these days to describe the difference between the static content placed on the web for archival or commercial purposes vs. the conversational, collaborative and self-expressive activities that make “new media” new.

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