IBM bundles up social media tools for the enterprise (along with lots of others)

For those who have followed the knowledge management “space,” and, more recently, the enterprise-wiki “space,” the news ( via the NY Times) that “IBM today plans to announce a set of social software tools that will bring the kind of blogging, idea sharing and war-story swapping typically asstociated with MySpace and Facebook…to the corporate world” certainly sounds like deja vu all over again. As a sideline observer of this topic, it seems to me Social Text and others have solutions that have thousands of installations in some large corporate environments and, in some cases, are making use of software that is open-source or free. Perhaps I may be out of line and am comparing Mars and Venus here, but legend has it that Josh Bancroft has some pretty cool social networking things (a wiki, primarily) running behind the firewall at Intel using the open-source software mediawiki and wordpress.

I’ll admit: Despite my experience a few years ago of leading the development of a massive knowledge management system created by a team of 25 programmers, DBAs, network administrators, taxonomists, etc., I’m still not sure of what I know and don’t know about the social life of knowledge behind a firewall.

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