Ruffini signs on as Giuliani e-campaign adviser

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza just blogged that Patrick Ruffini has signed on with Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign as an e-campaign adviser.

Disclosure: I met Patrick through blogging, and like many others I’ve met that way, we’ve become good friends over the years. We’ve never really discussed or debated “issues,” (he’s a Republican, I’m a former bi-partisan), although I have spent many hours discussing with him the mechanics of using web-based tools and strategies in the context of campaigns and advocacy. He’s been helpful to me in thinking through some projects that have nothing to do with politics. I didn’t know this new role was in the works, although we’ve talked recently about his tech blog called Overclocked that has nothing to do with politics, but is filled with wonkishness about RSS — stuff I can fully endorse, in other words.

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