What was once at wiki.com is moving to wik.is

Behind this, I’m sure there is a long story that people who know — and, perhaps, actually care — may report. However, I just received this email regarding a test wiki I had set up at wiki.com (the domain currently redirects to the clever URL wik.is):

Dear Wiki.com User:

The migration of wiki.com sites has been completed. You can access your site by typing in your address and replacing wiki.com with wik.is. For example: mysite.wiki.com is now mysite.wik.is

If you have any technical issues, questions, or comments please feel free to contact: wik.is@mindtouch.com

Thank you for your patience during this migration. We look forward to serving you. Please tell your friends about the new site and ask them to register at http://wik.is for new sign-ups, which will happen shortly.


Team MindTouch

Background: Wiki.com is shutting down by January 25th, 2007. In an agreement reached between MindTouch and John Gotts, owner of Wiki.com, all Wiki.com sites will be transferred to wik.is and will be controlled and monitored by MindTouch. We agreed to take over on such short notice because our technology powered the site from the beginning, our user interface is very intuitive and easy, and we are intimately familiar with the backend operations of the site. The sites will retain all of their original content that was intact when they were Wiki.com sites.”

For several weeks, the domain wiki.com redirected to wikia.com, leading some to speculate the wiki.com domain may end up with the “for-profit” company started by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales. The sub-domains, however, continued to direct to the sites set up by those who received today’s email. (Or at least, the one I set up did.)

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