How to provide a credit link using the thingy

[Warning: the following post will be of little interest to those who do not use a feature called the “thingy” that groups a day’s worth of bookmarked URLs into one blog post.]

Robert Scoble has raised a ruckus in a corner of the blogosphere this weekend (and here and here) by complaining about the lack of “credit links” among some Uber-blogs.

I am obsessed with link-crediting and am far from being an A-List blogger (perhaps a B-) so his complaint was directed to others. However, Robert’s worm-can-opening reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to do — find a way to add credit-links for people who help me find things I add to the link blog I call my “sidebar blog” which is also aggregated into one post per day on the rexblog. Robert’s post inspired me to try something I’ve been meaning to do — to test using HTML code with the feature called the “thingy” that I use to automate a daily post to the rexblog of all the links added to my account during the previous 24 hours. (Here’s a “how-to” on using the “thingy” feature.)

I like sharing those random bookmarked links, however, I’ve felt guilty at times for not including a link to the source of my discovery. Because using HTML in the comments of a post is not supported when viewed on a account page, I never considered using HTML when posting to

Somewhere along the way (I’m slow on these things, sometimes) it occurred to me that I’m primarily using as a utility content management hack for a component of this blog, so why not go ahead and use HTML tags in the bookmark comments — the code would likely be displayed correctly when parsed and posted on this blog.

Yesterday, I added HTML into the one link added to my delicious account and, sure-enough, when the “links for 2007-01-27” post hit my blog, the “via:” was nicely displayed in the posting.

One problem with this: I often click open sites while browsing my newsreader. I have my NetNewsWire preferences set up to open each link I click onto in a new browser tab for later viewing (I was inspired to use this method by Rex Sorgatz, by the way). Often, when I actually get around to viewing those pages, I have forgotten who led me to a specific one. Thus, I don’t always remember who I should credit. But, at least I’ll try.

[Addendum: I can’t find a link to where I explain how I use to power the sidebar posts, however, since this is a post about credit links, I’m sure Matt McAlister deserves some of the credit and Patrick Ragsdale deserves the rest. When I set up my “sidebar blog,” I don’t believe had its “linkroll” widget in place (or as customizable as I wanted). If I were doing it now, I’d use it instead of our RSS/magpie hack. If you’re a user and you want to have a “link roll,” you can learn about it in the “settings” section. Also, HTML code will work when it hits your blog, like this:

Actually, now that I’ve seen it displayed on the rexblog, after a little CSS tweaking, I’m going to replace the current sidebar hack with this “link roll” widget.]

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