We’re launching The SmallBusiness.com Blog tomorrow

The SmallBusiness.com Weblog launches tomorrow*, but since this is about all of the announcing we’ll be doing (except adding a link to the front of SmallBusiness.com), I guess it’s launching right now. This is a blog about SmallBusiness.com, not a small business blog — however, I think we’ll be pointing to lots of bloggers who track the smallbizosphere. If you’re a MyBlogLog user, be sure to join the SmallBusiness.com Weblog’s community.

Another suggestion: if you maintain a weblog for or about a small business topic, or about your small business, don’t forget to add a link to SmallBusiness.com’s Weblog Directory. It’s has grown rather large and is now divided into different categories.

*After a strange crash of a previous iteration of blog tracking the development of SmallBusiness.com, I tried a blog-like thing within the wiki, itself. However, I’m more comfortable with a blog than with a blog-like thing, so we decided to begin a new development blog rather than attempt to resurrect the old one.

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