Tracking ‘the real word’s’ adoption of Web 2.0 stuff (or, how to talk to grownups)

Ajaxy start pages and widgets have been around for so long (what, two years?) that some startups in the space have given up and sold out on eBay and others have merely ended up in an emerging Web 2.0 deadpool of tractionless startups. However, today, the maven of cutting-edget technology for the business class, the Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg, reviews the category as if it’s something new — and likes what he experiences. That’s great for people like me who work with business types and try to explain why RSS is an important tool. You see, RSS is one of the ways used to pump updated content into those “small modules” (apparently that’s what grownups call widgets) on those “highly personalized pages.”

Strangely, he ignores the one I (and a few others) use: the service found at the URL The others he mentions are great, as well. I highly recommend to all I meet that they set up one of these pages Walt Mossberg reviews. After that, you can say you “use RSS” even if you don’t know what it means.

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