Nick Bradbury has helped me figure out what the heck Pipes does

Nick Bradbury, creator of FeedDemon, has provided me a personal lesson in Yahoo! Pipes.

Indeed, I think a good rule-of-thumb for any developer of new web apps would be to ask, “Do you think Rex will understand what this does or will Nick Bradbury have to explain it to him?”

I’m not the “your grandmother” technology user. I’m sorta in the “prosumer” category. I am experienced, ever-curious and early-adopting when it comes to utilizing RSS and conversational media tools, features and approaches for organizing information and managing connections with others. I do a fairly decent job of evangelizing such approaches to those who may be stuck in traditional ways of thinking. But I’m not a geek and I don’t pick up on puns and metaphors aimed at developers.

Also, it didn’t help that when I tried to yesterday, I could never get onto Pipes.

It’s good to have someone like Nick watch my back. If he’s impressed, I know I’ll be.

This weekend, I will dig into Nick’s demo and provide my own “non-developer but curious and savvy user” (otherwise known as a Rex) review.

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