I’m not tuning into presidential campaigns yet, but if you must, here’s a good blog

The Wall Street Journal is suggesting the first primary may be taking place on the blogosphere. I will continue my apolitical blogging approach, however, I have added at least one RSS feed related to the 2008 campaign to my newsreader: TechPresident.com. They are tracking the use of web-oriented strategies and tactics by the presidential campaigns. (I believe I first learned about it from David Weinberger’s blog.)

Sidenote: Back in May, 2005, Patrick Ruffini, who recently announced he was working with the Giuliani campaign, set up an automated “Presidential Wire” website that monitors and ranks trend patterns of candidate mentions in RSS feeds. If you are thirsty for news about the 2008 campaign, it is a fire hose from which you can drink. (Here’s how it works.)

Bonus link: Marshall Kirkpatrick, who’s doing some “temp work” back at TechCrunch, has more about TechPresident.