I’m not related to the Save Starwood petition person

Since I’ve already been asked three times this morning whether or not I am related to the young man mentioned in this article who has started a petition for those who don’t want to see a privately owned Nashville area music venue, Starwood Amphitheatre, close, the answer is no. I’m not related to the young man.

He does share the name of my late father, and my brother and nephew — who do not live in the Nashville area.

And two, I’m not related to the cause. However, on a few occasions, I’ve had an enjoyable evening at the Ampitheatre sandwiched between two traffic jams: one entering and the other leaving.

Another question raised by the story in the Tennessean. Why don’t they link out from stories? They include a couple of URLs in the story, but don’t link out. I know there are some among the readers of this blog who can answer the following question: Doesn’t the Tennessean miss out on some valuable Search Engine Optimization mojo by not adding a href tags to those links?

Update: Brittney and commentors at Nashville is Talking think Starwood is better off dead. As there’s nothing historically, acoustically, aesthetically or artistically significant about the place — I think I agree with them. While we at it, I suggest the old Municipal Auditorium be torn down also.