My fans-eye view of today’s Vanderbilt big victory

Not to rub it in, but due to the unfortunate illness of a certain reader of this weblog who is a Vanderbilt basketball season ticket-holder, my wife and I were able to enjoy the celebration taking place in that video I’ve embedded over on the left. As a service to the person who couldn’t attend the game today, here are some shots of what it looked like from your awesome seats.

I’ve seen some pretty incredible basketball games at Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym, but today’s victory over the #1 ranked University of Florida was my favorite of all time. (Again, not to rub it in to someone with the flu.) I like it when the home team jumps out in front and is able to hang onto the lead. Vanderbilt’s shooting was as good as I’ve ever seen and its defense was over-powering. And the bedlam of student celebration that followed the victory was no match for Vanderbilt’s corps of Barney Fifes guarding the court.

The celebration occurred right after the PA announcer said individuals who came onto the floor would be arrested. From my vantage point, I noticed that among the on-court celebrants not arrested was the university’s chancellor.

Old time Vanderbilt basketball fans would have felt a twinge of nostalgia today. Students waited in bitter, snowy cold to get into the gym 90 minutes before the game. The screaming began then and lasted until after the game had been over 30 minutes.

Update: The Tennessean is reporting that Vanderbilt will likely be fined for the celebration. I think video of he incident will show that a full contingent of security people had stationed themselves in front of the students before the end of the game. However, even if they had fire hoses and billy clubs, it would not have held back the spontaneous wave of fans pouring onto the floor.

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