The secret to getting lots of comments on a Flickr photo: muddy puppies

Our puppy, Kate, discovered mud yesterday and I shared the moment with folks participating in the Project 365 group on Flickr. Speaking of which, my first six weeks or so of trying to take a photo each day is a bit like my experiences with starting blogs. It takes some discipline to get into the habit. And you shouldn’t feel guilty if you miss a day or two or three. Also, I thought it would be easier to bulk upload several photos taken and collected, but I have found it more beneficial to post on the day shot. I still haven’t gotten that part down, however.

As with blogging, at some point, you start experiencing the world as a series of events, experiences, relationships, encounters and images you want to collect and remember so that later you can recall or share them.

Update: Apparently, cute photos of muddy puppies are also popular with Nashville is Talking readers.

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