Internet Advertising Bureau launches print magazine supplement

Do I find it ironic that the Internet Advertising Bureau is launching a print magazine to reach marketers? No.

Think of it this way. If you were in charge of getting tourists from the U.S. to come visit, say, France, would you advertise in Paris or in New York?

Quote from the press release:

“The Interactive Advertising Bureau, the leading trade association for the Interactive Advertising industry, today announced the launch of the first issue of MIXX Magazine. MIXX, which stands for Marketing and Interactive Excellence, will provide marketers and agencies with Interactive advertising primers across all platforms including: mobile, digital video, display, search, user generated content, email, gaming, lead generation, local, and more. The IAB and Adweek Magazines have partnered to produce MIXX Magazine with the help of Media Ventures Inc, a custom publisher. Each issue of MIXX builds on the work of the IAB committees highlighting a specific sector of the Interactive advertising industry.

(Disclosure: For any readers who may have missed it during the past six years of this blog, my day job is helping marketers — including large associations — create and manage both print and online media to reach and build strong relationships with their customers, members, etc. None of the parties mentioned in this post are clients of Hammock Publishing. However, they know where to reach me.)

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