Huge magazine company launches some new blogs, promises more

While Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson says, “We’re launching new blogs right and left,” I feel certain he is not referring to the political leanings of the new blogs at Wired. And while I could say, “Magazine publisher Conde Nast” is launching lots of blogs, I’ll skip chasing that long tail. The blog launched today is Danger Room, a defense technology-oriented weblog that is being produced by a crew of bloggers that Wired recruited from a similar blog,, at Apparently, the lesson here is: If you are an expert analyst or journalist and you are producing an authoritative, popular, tightly focused blog, there’s a future for you at a large magazine company that publishes Vogue. However, this may make me rethink my previous prediction that “No one at Conde Nast will ever publish a manifesto in which they say, ‘Let’s shake off the image of being in a beleaguered print industry.'”

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