Cult of Mac once more displays obsessive-compulsive behavior

Whenever I read that some research company has conducted a survey of 379 random individuals and has discovered that consumers won’t pay $500 for a new Apple gizmo, it makes me wonder what rock these research people live under. These phones are NOT intended for consumers, they’re intended for cult members. And the cult is whipped up with anticipation. Within a few moments of its airing, MacRumors was pointing to a wide array of “coverage” of the iPhone teaser ad premiering on the Oscars tonight. Not exactly the 1984 ad, but clever enough — and a lot sweeter than the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. Within moments, the Macosphere had mirrored the ad in multiples places, identified 32 of the actors who appear in the ad (it is a series of movie and TV clips of actors saying “hello”) and the music had been identified and linked to on iTunes. I know I’m counting down the days to June.

Later: From a couple of emails I’ve received informing me on the wonders of the iPhone, apparently some drive-by readers of this post don’t realize I’ve been served Kool-Aid by the man.

Still later: Apple has now posted the ad.

Even later: Just for clarification purposes for those cult members who have found this post via the kind folks who have pointed this way: I plan on purchasing an iPhone as soon as they are available. No one needs to convince me how great they will be. I have owned Macs since 1984. Apple commercials work on me.

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