Radar feature in WSJ has a video sidebar

Despite my many previous promises of no more posts about the longest-continuing story appearing on this weblog, I felt the need to link to free WSJ.com article about the re-re-launch of Radar as it is the first time I have ever seen a “video sidebar” in a WSJ.com article.

For the record, I hope the magazine is a big success. Heretofore, however, its hype-to-success ratio far surpasses any magazine in my memory. During previous over-hyped launches (potential writers for this magazine pitch stories about it to every reporter in their contacts), I exhausted everything I could ever have to say about the magazine, except to observe that this time, they started with a blog — and did a great job with it. Previous iterations displayed very little online savvy. Perhaps having the blog as the center of the brand and franchise may be the charm that makes the third time ’round a success.

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