Al Gore’s carbon footprint

BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum is picking up the meme regarding Al Gore’s carbon usage at his home in the “posh” Belle Meade area of Nashville. As I live in Al’s ‘hood, I’d like to clarify one thing about his carbon use. It may be true that his kilowatt hours of electricity and lbs. of natural gas have increased since the movie Inconvenient Truth came out, but I’ve noticed that he’s added lots of trees and bushes to his lot, as well. So, to be accurate about his carbon footprint, I think you’d have to consider those in your calculations. And while I’m not a carbon-neutral nut (however, I’m a zealot for alternative energy sources), I think it would be easy for Gore to balance out any carbon consumption issues he might face by planting a few acres of trees on his farm land southeast of Nashville.