Is there a Twitting point?

Ross Mayfield says Twitter has tipped the tuna. There’s definitely a buzz here that if you’re not Twittering, you’re not cool. I was here a couple of years ago when a similar service, Dodgeball (pre being purchased by Google) was the hip thing of the moment. I could never really get it to work and frankly never understood it. And it only worked in some towns, not others and there was this sense that people knew where you were even if you didn’t want them to know. And then, there is Plazes, but I never figured that one out either. The Twitter folks have created an incredibly simple service (a micro blog?, an Texting blog?, what is this — and what is a nudge?), but I don’t think they’ve cured cancer of anything. I’m holding off on nominating them for a Noble prize.

Don’t brush it off, however.

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