Organize your Flickr sets in ‘collections’

I just learned of a couple new Flickr features when I logged on for the first time in several days: Collections and several new lay-out options. (The Flickr blog announced them earlier this week.)

Collections: For the organizationally obsessed, the “Collections” feature is the missing folder. If you use “folders” in iTunes to organize playlists, think of a “Flickr collection” as a folder and a “Flickr set” as a playlist. The feature is helpful for those with lots of sets that can be loosely categorized. I’ve set up several categories: Work Travel, Personal Travel, Bloggers, Family, Nashville, etc. If you have a Flickr “Pro” account, you can set up and manage collections via the Organizr. Unlike the single-photo “front page” of a set, on a collection, you can create a “mosaic” several photos from all of the sets in the collection. (The photo on the left is the mosaic of my “Bloggers” collection.)

New layout options: You can now tweak the look of your photo page, choosing from one of six templates. The options allow you to display medium or small photos with a sidebar of collections or sets or neither.

I continue to be a fan of Flickr. My only complaint (and it’s a small one) is that with all of their features, it is sometimes hard to figure out where a specific one is. For example, I keep looking for a tab or link that says “Calendar view.” Note to self: the tab for “calendar view” is “Archives.”

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