Have you seen the Hillary video?

This morning, someone asked me if I’d seen the Hillary video. It was sort of asked in the manner of, “of course, you’ve seen the Hillary video, haven’t you?” I confess. I must be living under a rock. It’s been on YouTube for a couple of weeks. Forget the politics, it’s one of the most incredible mashups I’ve ever seen: a hack of Apple’s famous 1984 ad. I can’t believe Apple hasn’t ordered it down, as it probably violates all sorts of copyright laws. However, the “parody” and “satire” and “fair use” protection issues may be providing some cover. I can say this: if the Clinton campaign seeks its removal, it will backfire, as it will appear in a thousand other places and the “big brother” message will be reinforced. Whoever did this produced an amazing piece of mashup art…and some impressive guerrilla campaign marketing.

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