Loosely related items in my newsreader

Somehow, all the following relate. I just don’t have the time now to connect the dots:

  • Paul Conley quotes IDG’s Colin Crawford, long a champion of “online-centered” publishing, who said recently, “”the absolute dollar growth of (IDG’s) online revenues now exceeds the decline in our print revenues.”
  • In yesterday’s International Herald Tribune, the following headline appeared: “Magazine publishers see future, but no profit, in shift to Internet.” (Reading the story, however, indicates the “research” for that headline came from the very scientific approach of getting people attending a conference to “raise they hands.”)
  • The Monday NY Times has a story about online video advertising generating $410 million last year — and that’s just online “video” advertising, which represents less than 5% of online advertising.
  • At the end of January, in their most recently reported quarter, Google said it had paid the non-Google web publishers participating in its Adsense program $976 million. While they call those fees “traffic acquisition costs,” that was nearly $1 billion (in one quarter) of revenues Google generated for online publishers. (Google keeps a commission of approximately 25-30% (estimated).) I don’t know what percentage of those online publishing partners are traditional media companies, but I assume there are some bigger-than-a-bread box media companies represented along with all the splogs.
  • To be continued…