It’s like Twitter if you were wearing a headcam and streaming out everything you see and hear

Is brilliant? Or is it just weird? I think I’m voting for the last one. I’m all for clever marketing gimmicks and new media experimentation, but is reminding me of some advice I saw recently about how to come up with an idea for a Web 2.0 company: Just dust off a business plan from 1999. As Nick Gonzalez describes on TechCrunch, “Justin.TV is a website entirely devoted to chronicling the life of one of the company’s founders, Justin Kan, around day and night via web cam.” Rather than the 1999 versions of this “live cam” thing, Justin is wearing a “head cam” and is using some cool mobile technology to stream whatever he’s doing in real-time. He’s wandering around interviewing startup founders — like as I watch now, he’s at a chinese restaurant talking to some guys about something that I can’t hear because everyone else at the table is laughing. The production quality is so bad that by comparison, the ScobleShow looks like a Steven Spielberg film. Sorry, not for me.

However, if it were more videogame-like and we could (sorta Lora Croft-like) tell him what to ask, or, better yet, program Justin to run into walls and walk out into traffic, perhaps it would be more entertaining.

[Video: A :30 second video screen-grab of & the site’s interface that I posted on YouTube.]