Cluetrain and blogging

I’m very glad Hugh MacLeod shared his notes from a presentation he gave today in London at Edelman PR about blogs and post-Cluetrain reality. It sure will save me lots of time the next time I speak on the topic.

Says Hugh:

“To me, (The Cluetrain Manifesto) is the most important book about the internet ever written. Why? Because it was the first book that talked about the internet the way it REALLY is- i.e. people talking- as opposed to the way business and the media pretend it is- i.e. people buying.

Interesting fact: I agree with Hugh that Cluetrain is the definitive book on what the Internet means for business. And for me, it is still the book about blogging. However, no where in the book do the words “weblog” or “blog” appear*. In 1999 when the book was written (it was published “officially” in February, 2000), even though Dave Winer was helping Doc set up a weblog on in 1999, the word hadn’t quite broken through. I recall that in 1999, two of Doc’s co-authors, Chris Locke and David Weinberger were regularly publishing things that quacked and waddled like blogs, but I think we used to call them something like email newsletters or websites back then.

(via: Doc Searls. Come to think of it, pretty much every thing I think on this topic is via Doc Searls.)

*’s Search Inside this Book.

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