What the news business is missing is what Scott Karp has

Scott Karp is thinking deep thoughts instead of reading the Sunday newspaper:

“What the news business and the entire media business are suffering from most right now is a failure of imagination. Nobody imagined that somebody would be so recklessly uncapitalistic as to create a website where people could post classified ads for free. Nobody imagined that an online software company specializing in information retrieval, but which produced no information of its own, could create the largest market for small business advertising that the world has ever seen.”

Scott’s idea:

“Instead of asking people to donate cash or pay for news to help keep journalism alive, neither of which will fly, why not ask people to donate classified advertising.”

Ironically (and one would have to be an avid reader of Scott’s to understand the irony), there’s a failed(?) experiment sitting on the shelf at Google, that sorta, kinda, tried to do this — without the “donation” part of the strategy considered.

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