Follow up to the Infoworld posts from yesterday

Some random thoughts that follow up my posts (and here) about Infoworld’s announcement tomorrow:

It’s not just the “paper and ink” and the “immediacy of news” that make it more likely the Infoworld cessation of its print-version will be repeated in the B2B media world. It’s the distribution costs. The decision by the USPS (a rather densely written press release is here) means that that some B2B magazines that are on the edge of a cliff will be pushed off around July 15.

I feel like my worlds are colliding. Not often do the magazine industry bloggers and tech bloggers I follow blog on the same topic. To my earlier list of Infoworld posts, here are more:

  • Paul Conley says that traditional B2B media will have “trail to follow, and vindication for the trailblazers.”
  • Dave Winer recalls Infoworld’s intersection with his career in tech.
  • Note to media that cover B2B media: What? Does news not happen on the weekend? Where have ya’ll been? For the record, seemed to be the only industry-focused reporters actually being reporters yesterday.

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