Look, I’m not one to say ‘I told you so’ — Okay, I am

I know it’s rather lame to quote oneself, but I’d like to go on record as saying while I am a fan of Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine and author of the Long Tail, I am not a stalker. You may not recall — so I’ll remind you — that last December, on this blog, I made the “transparent guess,” that “Radical Transparency” would be the title of his next book. And in Folio: magazine’s 2008 predictions, one of my “one-liner” predictions was, “Chris Anderson will have a big column in Wired magazine about ‘Radical Transparency’ and it will become a book to be published in 2008.”

Okay, so it wasn’t a column, but an entire cover package. I’m still close.

Dear Chris, please let me announce the book deal when it happens. Better yet, as the title of the book will be “Radical Transparency,” I look forward to your posting of the contract and all email between you and your agent and publisher.

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