Wii old folks

Yesterday, I got a year older. (I get a day older everyday.)

After reading this story in the NY Times today, I’m looking forward to one day being old enough to really enjoy a Wii.

For the record, the resident video-gamer in our house has bought and sold every platform there is — except the Wii. A few months ago, he sold an XBox and games to purchase a Sony Playstation II in order to play Guitar Hero, on which he is now a zen master. As that game will be expanding to the Wii platform later this year, maybe he’ll go through another ruond of transactions and trades — rumor has it, he’s a good Wii bowler on a neighbor’s systwm. Perhaps I’ll also get some of the games we (I mean, Wii) geezers can play.

By the way, whenever I read an article like this, I always think of Steven Johnson and his book, “Everything Bad is Good for You.”