What are the odds?

The University of Florida will play Ohio State University for the NCAA Basketball championship less than three months after the University of Florida defeated Ohio State University to be NCAA Football champions. Statistically, the chances of that happening have to be up there with me winning the lottery — except I guess, at least, there’s some skill points that must be factored in the basketball/football odds. And what are the odds of Florida winning back-to-back championships in the era of the 62+ team tournament? And what are the odds of winning the football and basketball championship in the same calendar year? I’m sure Ohio State fans won’t be comforted to learn that the odds of coming in second for both team championships are off the charts, as well. (I’m not going to even attempt to do the math on all of this.) However, the real statistical question of the night has to be: What are the odds of two “football schools” playing for the basketball championship? What are the odds that Billy Donovan won’t take the University of Kentucky coaching job?

I’ll salute my wife’s family with a big “Go Gators.”