I’m not a fan of April Fool’s Day hoaxes, however, I’m a big fan of engadget’s “Real Interview with the Fake Steve Jobs.


Why do you have to go making fun of Bill Gates on TV?

Look, Gates has spent the past thirty years stealing every one of my ideas and then making Special Olympics versions of what I make. It’s insulting. If he’s going to copy me, he could at least do a good job of it. Have you seen Vista? It’s embarrassing. And even then they couldn’t get it out on time. All they had to do was copy us and they still couldn’t do it.

By the way, the fake Steve Jobs has an April Fool post of his own: “Scoble is going back to Microsoft,” the Fake Steve says, quoting a rumor he heard. “Apparently (Bill Gates) was furious when they let Scoble leave and has been in touch with him a lot since he took off.”

Bonus link from 2006, a post by Anil Dash: Your April Fool’s Joke Sucks. (via: ValleyWag, who, apparently, hates this day on the Web as much as I do.)