A Nashvillian to remember

Yesterday, when I heard this story on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, I thought it may have been a local story. In looking to see if it had been posted online (it has, at the previous link), I’m glad to learn it was broadcast nationally. Here’s their intro to the piece on one of the most unique Nashvillians I have ever heard of, and who, I was finally fortunate enough to meet before his recent death:

“Tupper Saussy was a musician, artist, tax activist … and fugitive. The songwriter for the ’60s group The Neon Philharmonic spent a decade on the lam, protesting a tax claim, but had just finished a recent CD when he died at 70.”

I’m told he was also perhaps the most creative advertising person ever to work in Nashville — but that career lasted just a few years during the 1960s. It pre-dates my time in Nashville, but some who read this will remember this Saussy line, ““Don’t pay no ‘tention to kangaroos.'”

Bonus links: Morning Girl (iTunes) by the Neon Philharmonic; Tupper Saussy’s obituary in Times Online