Bob Carrigan is NOT a comment spammer

I love the comment spam filter plug-in, Akismet. For example, in the past 24 hours, it has caught 150 attempts to add comments to random posts on the rexblog — and close to 8,000 such attempts in the past six months. It’s gotten to the point, where I batch-delete everything that Akismet catches.

However, for some reason, tonight I skimmed through the comments queued up for deleting and discovered a “false positive” (or negative, I’m not sure) that I would have been quite embarrassed to have deleted.

It’s a response from IDG Communications President Bob Carrigan to a post I made yesterday that chided an InfoWeek editor. Here’s what Bob wrote:

Rex — We made the decision to discontinue the print version of InfoWorld because it made good business sense and frankly, “because we could.” Over the last few years, InfoWorld had become a predominantly online and events business in terms of revenue mix. When the print business in that book turned south, there was no good business reason to stay in print. The decision was made easier because the team at InfoWorld has done a great job of transforming the business where the brand can thrive without print. And as you say in your post, we have many other print pubs at IDG that are doing just fine. I enjoyed Ted’s article about the environmental benefits of going online-only, but that did not play a role in our decision-making. If it’s a good by-product of the decision – as Ted said in his article – then all the better.

On the subject of doing good for the environment: You also mentioned in your post that you might buy a hybrid. I bought the Prius about nine months ago and recommend it highly. Toyota built a decent community site that might interest you:

Finally, you mentioned in a post a few days ago that from time to time we email each other about music, specifically bluegrass music. On that “note,” I am not sure if you get the Imus in the Morning radio show in Nashville, but Alison Krauss was the musical guest today ( She sang a few tunes from her new album, A Hundred Miles or More. Gotta buy that album — she’s great.

The other day, I wrote a post titled, “Why I blog.” I’ll add another reason to the list: this is why I blog. (P.S. Just ordered the album as it’s only partially available on iTunes.)