Recalling the good old days when everyone was afraid of blogs

Despite evangelizing “blogging” and “social media” and “conversational media” for many years on this blog, when I read a headline like, “How businesses learned to stop worrying and love the blogosphere,” it makes me flinch. What the story actually says is that marketers are now willing to pay lots of money for reports explaining the “new influentials”.


“These are the people it believes brands need to firstly identify, and secondly work with, to succeed in social networks. These people influence everything from the purchasing decisions to the opinions about particular brands of other web users. Crucially, they also tend to be “trusted” by their peers. They tend to be the people who regularly update their blogs and have a lot of “friends” on a particular social network.”

Another observation: The article uses “blogosphere” to collectively describe a wide range of networking services and websites in which different forms of self-expression are featured.

While I don’t necessarily agree that “blogosphere” is the best term to blanket everything taking place, I do prefer it over anything that has a .2 attached to it.