It’s not easy being green

My new friend whose name I will now know is not Tom, but Ted Samson at the website, not magazine,, responds to my earlier post, suggesting that his ‘greening of the announcement‘ article contained a bit of retro-fitted sanctimony.


“That all said, though, companies should exercise some restraint in flying a green flag above each and every announcement they make, because plenty of analysts and media critics are watching, including me. And Rick Hammock.”

I appreciate his response and he got my point as intended. Well, part of it. My other point was that paper isn’t necessarily evil.

However, now that I think about it, I would like to note that one of the by-products of me maintaining this blog online rather than on paper is that I’ve prevented the need to cut down the trees necessary to make about 15 or so moleskines.

Sidenote: Several years ago, I wrote a piece for MediaBusiness magazine and, while praising him, I referred to Rafat Ali as, well, I won’t repeat it but I’m sure it came from somewhere in my mind when I had to listen to hours of this guy’s tapes when my kids were pre-schoolers. Rafat forgave me and I’m sure Tom Ted will also.

Other sidenote: Because I mentioned my car shopping, I’ve gotten several emails from people who love their hybrid cars — especially my friend and lapsed blogger, Mark Oldham, who drives the hybrid dream car, a Lexus GS 450. Now, that’s a green (as in, I’m envious) machine.