I always wondered how memes got started

Last week, I posted some thoughts on why I blog in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of Scripting News. Steve Rubel was kind enough to give the post a shout out and suggested that it would be good if bloggers wrote a short “why I blog” FAQ post. I wish I could credit whoever picked it up from there, but someone responded to Steve’s suggestion, and, well, I now know how memes get started.

Some bloggers are posting “5 Reasons Why I Blog” as demonstrated by Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim and others are writing brief essays, like John Robinson, editor of the Greensboro News & Record.

I went back and tagged my original post with the Techorati tag and will add a whyiblog tag to posts I bookmark on del.icio.us.

So, why do you blog?

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