When a blogger runs a media company

As I’ve blogged often, the ABC affiliate in Nashville, WKRN, has been a pioneer in experimenting with a wide-array of online approaches that embrace the local blogosphere, including hiring one of the first full-time bloggers by any media firm in the country — and then a second one. Now, most everyone at the station seems to blog.

The person responsible for the station’s deep-end dive into the blogosphere is general manager Mike Sechrist, who implemented the recommendations of consultant Terry Heaton. Not only did Mike get others to blog, he started one himself.

Today, Mike used his blog to report that one of his reporters, Brad Schmidtt (blog), a well-known and popular Nashville personality, was arrested and charged with DUI early Sunday morning.

The station will be covering the arrest as news, but learning about the incident in a very conversational and personal way, on the blog of a media outlet’s top executive, is a new one for me. That his natural inclination was to post the news — and a personal message — on his blog says to me that Mike is no longer a TV executive trying to figure out blogging, he’s a blogger running a TV station.