Just who are the #x!!ing idiots who suggest X#@!ing codes of conduct?

Obviously, the title of this post is a joke. I’m sure all involved in drafting a “code of conduct” for bloggers and those who comment on blogs or take part in other online conversations are well-intentioned and want to address a legitimate concern. I’m all for civility. And having manners is a good thing. Transparency and disclosure are also very swell. I don’t think I’ve ever left an anonymous comment anywhere. And I can’t think of an anonymous account I have anywhere — even my Wikipedia identity is my name. However, when it comes to my personal blog, a “code of conduct” is something I practice on a personal level, not something someone drafts for me.

That said, I do think having model guidelines for those who create community-space projects or forums is a good thing. I don’t like “seals of approval,” however I do like good suggestions, recommendations and idea-exchanges on issues like this.

Sidenote: And I think it’s really cool that I know the three bloggers (bloghers?) appearing in the photo accompanying the Times story.

Bonus link: Jeff Jarvis is more transparent than me with his reaction to the notion of a Code of Conduct 2.0.

Another bonus link: Brittney rounds up some Nashville blogger reaction to the “code” proposal.