Television and magazines and other words that have lost their meaning

Hearst Magazines and Fox Television Studios are joining forces to create “webisode” projects inspired by CosmoGirl and Popular Mechanics. According to, “The first video content for CosmoGirl is a drama centered on the travails of three female best friends during their junior year of high school. The format of the series, as yet unnamed, is apparently designed for mobile consumption with two new “Webisodes,” no longer than three minutes, appearing every week…Popular Mechanics will get a different series, with real mechanics and designers delivering pearls of technical wisdom.”

(Observation: I think a mashup of the two projects may prove more entertaining than the separate projects.)

So here’s a question: If a television studio is producing something that is not appearing on television in partnership with a magazine company that is not distributing it via a magazine, do we need to come up with different words to describe what business those companies are in?