NFL suspends Pacman Jones for 2007 season The suspensions were for “violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy and engaging in conduct detrimental to the league on numerous occasions,” the league announced.”


Jones’ suspension carries the following conditions:

  • He must have no more run-in with law enforcement.
  • He must comply with all required counseling, education, and treatment assigned by the NFL or the judicial system.
  • He must obey the restrictions that have been agreed to by he and the Titans.
  • He may not be at the Titans’ facility through May 31 and may not participate in any practices or workouts during his suspension. Starting June 1, he must visit the team facility once per week to meet with the team’s player development director. Also, beginning June 1, he is permitted to spend one day a week at the team facility for conditioning, film study, and other activities.
  • In conjunction with the Titans, Jones must develop a structured program of community service or other activity. This program must be submitted to the NFL for approval.

  • “I must emphasize to you that this is your last opportunity to salvage your NFL career,” Commissioner Goodell wrote to Jones… “I urge you to take full advantage of the resources available to support you in that effort.”

    Observation: I think Adam Jones is “salvagable” (as the term has been used) and I hope he plays for the Titans again one day. However, I think there’s little chance that Jones can be away from football for a year and not be around the trouble that seems always to occur whenever he is around.