Insta-review of a redesigned

This is an insta-review based on three minutes of clicking around a website containing news and information on a topic I follow.

Except for my dislike of little video people walking around and talking on a website, I’m happy to point to a redesigned I can’t recall what the “old” looked like, but I definitely think this better. Also, I like any source of news and information about magazines that has lots of RSS feeds.

Negatives: If you don’t have a paid subscription to what’s being fed, I don’t think you’ll find the feed handy as the click through will take you to a message telling you something you already know: that you don’t have a paid subscription to see that article. Which brings me to my second instasuggestion: The site has content that is “free” and other content that is “subscriber only.” Unfortunately, they don’t let you know if the link you’re clicking on is paid or free until you reach the page. They need to add a subscriber-only icon (see “Times-Select” or “ESPN Insider”) on the front end of links to content that requires a paid subscription.