Stanley upper-cupping

Last night I attended a fight and a Stanley Cup Playoff game broke out. Via her photos on Flickr, I see this morning that Nashville blogger Pink Kitty was there also — and had better seats than my wife and I had at the fight we attended. Oh, by the way, the Predators beat the San Jose Sharks 5-2 and the best-of-seven quarter-finals series is now 1-1.

Despite my partial ownership of season tickets and attending many games this season with off-spring who have, by attending a New England prep school at which hockey is the marquee sport, become nuanced fans, I know nothing about the sport other than that which is obvious: it’s fast, fluid, exciting and both graceful and violent. And like a lot of other things, it can’t be understood by watching it on TV or reading about it on the Internet. It has to be experienced live to truly comprehend what the appeal is. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of hockey yet. However, I always like to pull for a home team.

By the way, something about that Pink Kitty picture that I’ve displayed over on the left reminds me of a typical day on the blogosphere lately.

Flashback: As I wrote about it on this weblog before anyone actually read this weblog, I’ll point back to a post from 2002 that recounts another hockey game I attended: the USA-USSR game in the 1980 Olympics. Until the Predators came to Nashville, that was the only hockey game I had ever attended. I know with certainty it will always be the best.

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