Portfolio countdown

Magazine-launch watcher extraordinaire Samir Husni (Mr. Magazine) is counting down the hours until Monday’s FedEx arrival of Condé Nast’s new business magazine, Portfolio. After he read* my whinning post the other day oozing jealously that Jeff Jarvis got to preview the magazine’s website while all I got was an umbrella, Condé Nast Business president and Portfolio publishing director David Carey emailed to assure me that, “I’m on the list” for Monday’s distribution. (Disclosure: I’ve known David many years and he sent me cool schwag long before I ever started blogging.)

Chart: The newly redesigned MinOnline.com is running a survey asking readers where they believe the launch cover will first appear: On Saturday morning, the screen grab on the left shows that most magazine people think the New York Times will get the image first. I think it will appear first on Portfolio.com, myself, as that site will launch also on Monday. Just a guess — or perhaps a suggestion.

*Maybe you haven’t heard: It’s a requirement that magazine professionals read this blog.