What you learn when you play with technology

Dave Winer is playing with his AppleTV and discovering some fun things it can do with RSS. Here’s a video. Since its release, there has been lots of blogosphere coverage of geeky-stuff that people who read Make Magazine can do to an AppleTV that will turn it into everything but a flying car. However, as a non-geek, non-do-it-myselfer, just a regular “user” of AppleTV, here’s my review of it:

In the same way an iPod is not a Mac, an AppleTV is not a Mac mini. If a non-geeky person likes the iPod/iTunes approach to accessing, organizing and displaying music and video, they will like AppleTV. AppleTV allows you to turn your HD-TV into a giant video iPod with some wifi capabilities. It extends the stuff you do with an iPod onto your TV and into your home sound system — if you have that connected to your TV.

Again, it will do lots more cool stuff — and can’t do other stuff that you could do if you paid $300 more and hooked a Mac mini into your TV — but if all you want is to play music and watch videos and display all sorts of photos on your TV like you do on your computer or with an iPod, then an AppleTV gives you a drop-dead-simple way of doing that on your big-screen.

That’s what it will do. I could go on for a week about what it won’t do — I’m still wanting that flying car feature.

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