A big week for the search term ‘ho’

[Pre-apology: I apologize if this post seems insensitive to anyone who knows any of the people mentioned in it. I also apologize to anyone who may be offended by any of the words used in it. Indeed, if anyone, anywhere is offended for whatever reason, I will be happy to remove the part of the post that offends them and will also be happy to suspend myself from blogging for whatever period of time I feel necessary to teach myself that I should never make a mistake.]

I guess it proves false my claims of not being a geek when I start thinking of news events in terms of how they affect Ineternet search engines. Take, for example, a word that I never use outside of a garden, but that has appeared prominently in the news over the past week, “ho.” Not since Ken Jennings’ famous Jeapordy answer in the form of a question, “What’s a ho?”, have I seen the word appear so prominently in my newsreader. Obviously, the week was filled with Don Imus-related news that included the term. Then, last night, the iconic Hawaiian singer, Do Ho, died of heart failure. As of this morning, a search of the term “ho” on Google news revealed that all of the first-page results were about the singer, except one, an article by a Chicago Tribune writer that has the headline, “Talking about the word ‘ho’: So when did this coarse term become mainstream?

Stranger still: The search terms “Don” and “Ho” used together could one day lead to results that will require, as they say on Wikipedia, “disambiguation.”

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