Portfolio’s cover

Portfolio.com is live (still waiting for the cover, however). I read about it first on PaidContent.org. Mr. Magazine has photos of the magazines being dropped off at FedEx. Gee, ain’t hype great. Minonline.com is reporting that the New York Times will have a full “exclusive” splash on Monday. I guess “exclusive” means “not online” as Samir, the best magazine launch tracker in the world (it’s a micro-niche), and I seem to be getting our emails to Condé Nast Business president David Carey answered rapidly. If there’s anything a “main stream media” reporter would like to ask him, I’ll be happy to forward it. 🙂

Later: It’s about 1 p.m. in Nashville and I’m going offline for the rest of the day. However, I decided to post the accompanying screen grab of a cover that appears on the new website and ask if that’s what we’ll be seeing exclusively in the New York Times tomorrow? Back later with the answer.

Even later: I’m back at home, but wanted to update this post to say once again that I’m glad Samir Husni is now blogging as no one can come anywhere close to his magazine-launch wonkishness. He’s the go-to authority on the subject of magazine launches. No one else comes close. I’m glad he’s now using a blog to augment his website and annual guide.

It’s official: (4:50 p.m., Central) Samir and I just received the following email from Condé Nast Business president Portfolio magazine publisher David Carey (former publisher of the New Yorker, for those without a program to follow along), who reads blogs and responds to bloggers on Sunday afternoons in-between launching the most highly-anticipated new magazine in years:

“Boy, you guys are good…

We’ve been loading content onto the site all afternoon and evening, and you’re right — this is the actual cover. I love it. When you see it in person, it’s quite striking. It does indeed glow.

Here’s some background, if you’re interested….

This image is by fine art photographer Scott Peterman, who is best known for his megacities project, where he goes in by helicopter or shoots from rooftops. This one is entitled “Surge,” he took it from the Empire State Building. In some ways, it’s an homage to Bernice Abbott’sclassic 1930 photographs — but with a modern twist. The cover serves as a commentary on the society we live in — it’s a little bit Gilded Age, a little bit cautionary tale.

The cover flap runs on newsstand copies (200,000 single copies distributed at airports and bookstores starting this week) AND charter subscriber copies — who will also receive their copies by the end of the week. We like that we can get the cover image totally clean, and use the flap to educate the readers about what’s inside.

Great catch guys — you two had it first!

Except for a quick review of the magazine sometime tomorrow, I now officially retire from the magazine launch blogging beat — unless, of course, it is a magazine I launch.

Last, last post: There seems to be a universality to the “it’s a bad time to launch a business magazine” theme. That misses the point, as I’ll post tomorrow.

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